Ok so It’s been a WHILE!! SORRY! But i have read 3 books so here is 2 of them.

Lunatic – So as you read before these were originally a 4 book series. The first four end well but if you are like me you will have to read the other 2. I just can’t leave it at the 4th knowing more has gone down. The 5th book Lunatic is… well… lacking. It isn’t as good as the first four. The 3 chosen ones are back in their reality but Middle is now controlled by the Horde. Enter a weird half Shitaki half Horde and your confused.. The good part that gets you through is Darsal’s story. Joniss’ story is annoying. It’s an easy read but not the greatest ❤

Elyon – Ok so this book is better than the 5th. The story continues because the 5th is a to be continued. There is more action and holds your attention a LOT more because you are led to beleive that this is the end. Your going to find out what the heck is going on.. Well! YOU DON’T.. The book is better than the 5th but the ending of the series sucked.. I won’t tell you just in case you want to read it but you will disappointed. I think it is because Dekker wants you to read the other series that goes along with it which I suspect sums it up nicely for you. ❤

Anyway sorry for taking so long I am going to post one more and I am reading another now. I will continue this.


Retraction etc…

SO I MADE A MISTAKE!! one of probably 5000000 others that will come. My sources were inccorect the third Hunger Games Book is called…. MOCKINGJAY. Now, I personally liked “Victors” better because it has duel meaning, (If you read the first 2 books you would understand). However, I get why she named it Mockingjay. I pre-ordered it at B&N. 8/24/10. You better go pre-order it now 🙂

Also, here is a list of books that I will be reading so you know what is coming..

The last two books in the Books of History series. Lunatic and Elyon.

The Maze Runner

The Compound

The Circle Trilogy: Black, Red, White, Green.

The Paradise Novels: Saint, Sinner, Showdown (not sure what order)



Bitterblue If Cashore ever starts writing it (HINT HINT CASHORE)

^_^ SHINee <3D

Don’t Throw Stones

DON’T SHOOT!! I swear I am reading away! I just have been busy working 😦 cause unfortunately this blog hasn’t become famous enough for me to read as a living.. I am reading the last to books in the “Lost Books of History” series as promised.. I will then read the 4000000000000 other books I have on my list.. Percy Jackson quite possibly could land on that list since the movies was spectacular!

Keep on holdin on!


^_^ SHINee

Shiver Synopsis: Shiver is about a girl who was saved by a wolf from other wolves attacking her. She always saw this wolf in the winters in the woods. But one day this wolf shows up on her deck bleeding and human.

What I thought: Right. Your thinking not another twilight wearwolf book wannabe.. But you are soooo wrong.. This book is amazing. It’s everything Twilight should have been if it were written well. Now you all know I am a fan of the Twilight Series but lets not fool ourelves it could have been written a little better. Anyway back to Shiver. This book keeps you guessing until LITERARILY the last page.. Horrible for the reader.. but amazing. The love story (yes you knew that was coming) is great! The story is never dull. Sometimes you feel like how the heck is this going to end everything is all over the place.. but Maggie sews it up perfectly. You will fall in love with Grace and Sam…<3<3<3<3

ALSO you will be wanting more. Even though the ending is NOT a cliff hanger.. you kinda don’t want it all to end.. Well that is ok cause Maggie is releasing Linger the sequel! July 20, 2010.

*Maggie says: “It’s about after. What happens after you discover there are werewolves in the wood, after you’ve fallen in love for the first time, after you’ve lost what you think you can’t live without, after you’ve become someone you can’t live with.”


But wait there’s more…

She is set to write  third book to finish out the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series… Forever will be the third book :p

Apologize :(

I KNOW I KNOW its been a while.. Life… anyway I will be coming soon with more reviews.. I have a couple more to review and about 6 more books to read so def A LOT more to come!! ❤ D

I know, I know. What am I thinking right.  1) I read James Patterson? 2) A book trying to break into the Harry Potter Phenomenon? 3) It has a TV commercial? I know. I have this thing.. I don’t like books that have TV commercials..lol.. but in my defense I didn’t know it had a commercial when I bought it. And I didn’t realize James Patterson wrote it until I was done reading the back of the book. So after being intrigued by the back I had to ignore the fact that it was Patterson. And finally I just don’t compare it to HP because it isn’t going to be better so.. yea..

Synopsis: Whit and Whisty are ordinary kids.. That don’t know what they really are. Until they are ripped out of there homes and put in the middle of a battle for the world. They are the heros they just don’t know it yet.

Toughts: First of all, the beginning of the book was a little strange. Um how do you not realize that the entire government is taken over by a strange psycho called The One. Yea idk if I can dismiss that with the “we just weren’t paying attention to politics.” excuse. But anyway.. it was a little kiddieish. Some of the lines were kinda annoying. But it was ok. It kept my attention and it ended in a cliff hanger.. I’ll read the rest out of curiosity. But i give it ❤ ❤ ..


Graceling Synopsis: There are people born with each eye a different color. When this occurs they are known as gracelings. Graced with some kind of ability, whether it be telling the future, reading minds, feeling storms before they come, or killing. Katsa is a graceling. She has the ability to kill anyone with amazing skills and strength. She is used by her uncle, one of the 7 Kings that rule the 7 nations, to kill at his will. On a mission for her uncle Katsa is introduced to another Graceling Po. This is the beginning of a series of events that will change Katsa’a life.  She will finally get to fight the kind of evil she has hated for years.

What I thought: Katsa is an amazing character. She is a strong female character that the reader will love! Po is also a lovely hero in this story. You will not be able to put it down. You are transported into this world. This books will keep you guessing. The twists and turns are awesome! I give it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and 1/2 (<).

Fire Synopsis: Fire is the prequel to Graceling. It is set 30 years before. One Character from Graceling (I can not name him because then I will give something away in Graceling) is in this book. This book is set in the land just East of Monsea. Monsea is the eastern most of the 7 kingdoms. The land beyond is Dells. Dells is a mysterious land that is home to Monsters. Monsters are animals – dogs, cats, birds, lions…etc.. that have colorful skin/fur. These monsters have heightened abilities but mainly only eat other monsters. They also capture there prey because of there stunning yet powerful beauty and allure. There are few human monsters. One named Fire. She is a beautiful and one look at her will have you spellbound, but she refuses to use her powers for evil. The story follows her and the kingdom of Dells while they fight to keep there land safe from invading forces from the North and South. All the while figuring out who this boy with 2 different colored eyes is.

Thoughts: At first I was bummed that it didn’t have any characters or similar a story-line as Graceling. But I was quickly engulfed in the story. Cashore does a great job of taking you out of your world and bringing you into hers. You will love the fantasy, fighting and love in this. You will find yourself rooting for the Dellian people. This is another great book with a strong female lead. If you liked Hunger Games you’ll like this series. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The third book Bitterblue does not have a release date.