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You must be surprised! I am reading what I said I would and posting right after ! Don’t get to use to it, school has started.

There will be no synopsis on this book because it will give too much away. This is the sequel to the Maze Runner and you need to read that first. However if you like the Maze Runner you will want to read this. I will tell you there will be a third book. The Death Cure unfortunately the 2nd book leaves you hanging horribly and the 3rd book will be out in October 😦

Critique: AMAZING. This is the next hunger games. Also there will be a movie!! (of course) I would read the book though, movies also aren’t as good. Really you learn a lot more in this book (obviously) but you don’t get as much as you want which isn’t a bad thing. I like books that piss me off along with the character because they (and you) want answers! Along with the hunger games style cliff hanger it is a must read… I promise no Vampires or such.. A real action book. <3<3<3<3<3 (5 hearts)

B.T. Dubs : Upcoming reviews (once read)

Linger: Sequel to Shiver: Maggie Stiefvater

The Gift : Sequel (and end of series) to Witch and Wizard: James Patterson (just cause I gotta know what happens it may not be the greatest read but we shall see :/

I am number four: Pittacus Lore ( I think he named the character after himself unless I am confused but that is weird but it might work. Also Yes this is the movie thats gonna come out. It look good from the trailer I wanted to see it. I was in Barnes and Noble and saw it was a book though so I got it. I probably won’t see the movie until I finish the book though. )



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Hello, I am back from vaca and have done what I said I was going to do! I read The Maze Runner! I had started reading it before but with school and such I just never continued.  At first I thought it was a little frustrating because you start out with the main character knowing absolutely nothing. However I was intrigued because  of the fact that I was thrown into the book and had to discover things with the main character.

Synopsis: Thomas wakes up in a dark box and only remembers his first name. His memory is totally erased. He remembers simple things like that he should have parents, how to eat, walk but nothing specific, like who he was. He is thrown into this world where other boys like him live. They have no memory of there lives just that they were sent here and they need to figure how to get out. There is a maze surrounding them full of danger that none of the other boys there can figure out. Things look familiar but at the same time Tom remembers nothing! Ok so this is a horrible synopsis. It is hard to sum it up without giving it away. First you may get a little frustrated because you go into this and you don’t get a lot of answers for a while. However, as you read on things get very interesting!!! You will be hooked, the twists and turns are great. Whatever you think the book is about, you are proven wrong.

Critique: OK so I am going to say it. If you LOVED HUNGER GAMES this is the next series to read. OMG I really loved it. Even though you get frustrated in the beginning it is a good frustration that makes you want to read more. You will be excited by the twists and turns as you learn more with Thomas. It’s definitely a sci fi book but its a lot like Hunger Games. I really put it up there with the Hunger Games.  There is a sequel that came out in October and I am currently reading it. I am so excited that there is more books to come. I don’t know how many more but I know that there is gonna be at least one after this book! I’m gonna give this a MUST READ!!




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Finally! I know , I know I am way late on this: So since most have read it there will be a quick synopsis. And for those that haven’t yet, it won’t give anything away…

Synopsis: It is the 3rd book in Collin’s Hunger Games Series. It is the final chapter. Katniss and the other rebels are in a full out war with the Capital. And Collin’s summs up Kattnis’ life and love. That is pretty much all I can say without ruining something.

Critique: I think it was a good last book. I think that it satisfied my crazing for the ending. The book is a dark book to begin with so anyone who thought that they were going to get a twilight-esque ending is going to hate it. But for what the books were (amazing in my opinion) I think she did well. I believe she ended it the only way she could. It is like the books wrote its own ending. You MUST read the other 2 before this one or you will be lost. Hunger Games and Catching Fire are the 2 prequels. I recommend this very highly. <3<3<3<3<3  (5 hearts)

안녕히가세요! 디안나

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Do you all hate me..

Um… hi 😦 do you all hate me for taking a hiatus with no notice?  I have a good excuse.. I was in school so I really didn;t read much. Good news is I got A’s. haha. I am going to post my Mockingjay review now.. 🙂 Here is a few books I am going to read this break… (I have vaca so I’ll have time) hehe

Linger – Stiefvater (sequel to Shiver:  https://bookpush.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/shiver-linger-maggie-stiefvater/ )

The Maze Runner – Dashner ( I know I’m suppose to be done already ^.^!!)

The Gift – Patterson (Sequel to Witch and Wizard – https://bookpush.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/witch-and-wizard-james-patterson/ )

Sorry for the late posts !!


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Somewhere Inside tells of the story of how Laura Ling and her co-worker Euna were held captive for over 140 days in a jail in one of the most isolated countries in the world : North Korea. Laura and her crew were taping a documentary on defectors from North Korea that escape over the Chines/NK border. The South Korean/NK border is the most highly guarded border in the world. SK is a free country with a constitution. The US and SK citizens are not aloud to travel to NK unless they have authorization from the govn’t and visa versa. Those that make it over the border into China are helped to escape to SK by underground groups in South Korea and others (less fortunate) are left to fend for themselves. Women are usually sold into sex slavery or marriage. While on the border her guide accidentally took them over the NK border. NK is a highly guarded country that has been run by Kim Jung Il and his father, Kim Il Sung  before. These leaders have kept the country tightly secured only letting there Communist propaganda be shown. The people there know only what Kim wants them to hear. Laura and Euna are arrested and spend 140 days in jail. They are interrogated and used as pawns during one of the most tense times in the history of US / NK relations or non relations.


This has to be one of the best books I have ready. You see inside the “Hermit Kingdom” and come to understand the people there. You come to see why they believe the way they do about the US and also how proud they feel about there own country. (even if they are behind in technologies and experience water and electric shortages daily) The people that Laura encounters (her guards) show her that even though they live in this society, they are people too and we can all relate to each other on some level. You also get to hear Lisa (her sister’s) story on how she had reached out to government officials during this tense time. The intense situation that they were put through will keep you on the edge of your seat. These 2 women were put in the worst possible situation and had the entire worlds safety on there shoulders. This was a worse situation than being imprisoned in Iraq.  The book was seriously amazing. I couldn’t believe it was a true story.

I know this was long but I feel strongly about the liberation of NK and there people. This is an amazing book!!

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (10) ^_^

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The Red Scarf Girl is a non-fiction book about Ji-Li Jiang and her family in China during Emperor Mao Zi Dong’s reign.  It follows Ji-Li while her entire life changes before her eyes. She had a great family that was respected in the community. She was at the top of her class. When her beloved Emperor Mao Zi Dong instituted the Cultural Reformation her entire life was turned upside down.


This was a great book. It was kind of like Diary of Ann Frank but in China. You are taken on this journey with Ji-Li. You can see why she was so supportive of the Communist Party and the promises they made. But as the book goes on the truth continues to show itself and you are taken on a roller coaster with her.

I am very interested in other cultures so if that is your thing too then you will definitely like this book.

<3<3< (1/2) out of 5


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The Compound

Synopsis – A billionaire father saves his family from Nuclear war by getting them safety in a compound underground. But not all is as it seems…

Criticism – This book was good. Not what I expected at all! The story was NOT what I thought it was going to be. I was suprised plesantly. It is a slow start (you think). You think to yourself why the heck is this all important until the end and everything comes together and your really quite happy with it. It’s not the greatest book ever but it is an easy read. It is a great filler in between other books. While your waiting for Mockingjay to come out. I give it <3<3< (1/2) But I recommend it ^_^

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