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You must be surprised! I am reading what I said I would and posting right after ! Don’t get to use to it, school has started.

There will be no synopsis on this book because it will give too much away. This is the sequel to the Maze Runner and you need to read that first. However if you like the Maze Runner you will want to read this. I will tell you there will be a third book. The Death Cure unfortunately the 2nd book leaves you hanging horribly and the 3rd book will be out in October 😦

Critique: AMAZING. This is the next hunger games. Also there will be a movie!! (of course) I would read the book though, movies also aren’t as good. Really you learn a lot more in this book (obviously) but you don’t get as much as you want which isn’t a bad thing. I like books that piss me off along with the character because they (and you) want answers! Along with the hunger games style cliff hanger it is a must read… I promise no Vampires or such.. A real action book. <3<3<3<3<3 (5 hearts)

B.T. Dubs : Upcoming reviews (once read)

Linger: Sequel to Shiver: Maggie Stiefvater

The Gift : Sequel (and end of series) to Witch and Wizard: James Patterson (just cause I gotta know what happens it may not be the greatest read but we shall see :/

I am number four: Pittacus Lore ( I think he named the character after himself unless I am confused but that is weird but it might work. Also Yes this is the movie thats gonna come out. It look good from the trailer I wanted to see it. I was in Barnes and Noble and saw it was a book though so I got it. I probably won’t see the movie until I finish the book though. )



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