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Hello, I am back from vaca and have done what I said I was going to do! I read The Maze Runner! I had started reading it before but with school and such I just never continued.  At first I thought it was a little frustrating because you start out with the main character knowing absolutely nothing. However I was intrigued because  of the fact that I was thrown into the book and had to discover things with the main character.

Synopsis: Thomas wakes up in a dark box and only remembers his first name. His memory is totally erased. He remembers simple things like that he should have parents, how to eat, walk but nothing specific, like who he was. He is thrown into this world where other boys like him live. They have no memory of there lives just that they were sent here and they need to figure how to get out. There is a maze surrounding them full of danger that none of the other boys there can figure out. Things look familiar but at the same time Tom remembers nothing! Ok so this is a horrible synopsis. It is hard to sum it up without giving it away. First you may get a little frustrated because you go into this and you don’t get a lot of answers for a while. However, as you read on things get very interesting!!! You will be hooked, the twists and turns are great. Whatever you think the book is about, you are proven wrong.

Critique: OK so I am going to say it. If you LOVED HUNGER GAMES this is the next series to read. OMG I really loved it. Even though you get frustrated in the beginning it is a good frustration that makes you want to read more. You will be excited by the twists and turns as you learn more with Thomas. It’s definitely a sci fi book but its a lot like Hunger Games. I really put it up there with the Hunger Games.  There is a sequel that came out in October and I am currently reading it. I am so excited that there is more books to come. I don’t know how many more but I know that there is gonna be at least one after this book! I’m gonna give this a MUST READ!!





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