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Finally! I know , I know I am way late on this: So since most have read it there will be a quick synopsis. And for those that haven’t yet, it won’t give anything away…

Synopsis: It is the 3rd book in Collin’s Hunger Games Series. It is the final chapter. Katniss and the other rebels are in a full out war with the Capital. And Collin’s summs up Kattnis’ life and love. That is pretty much all I can say without ruining something.

Critique: I think it was a good last book. I think that it satisfied my crazing for the ending. The book is a dark book to begin with so anyone who thought that they were going to get a twilight-esque ending is going to hate it. But for what the books were (amazing in my opinion) I think she did well. I believe she ended it the only way she could. It is like the books wrote its own ending. You MUST read the other 2 before this one or you will be lost. Hunger Games and Catching Fire are the 2 prequels. I recommend this very highly. <3<3<3<3<3  (5 hearts)

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Do you all hate me..

Um… hi 😦 do you all hate me for taking a hiatus with no notice?  I have a good excuse.. I was in school so I really didn;t read much. Good news is I got A’s. haha. I am going to post my Mockingjay review now.. 🙂 Here is a few books I am going to read this break… (I have vaca so I’ll have time) hehe

Linger – Stiefvater (sequel to Shiver:  https://bookpush.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/shiver-linger-maggie-stiefvater/ )

The Maze Runner – Dashner ( I know I’m suppose to be done already ^.^!!)

The Gift – Patterson (Sequel to Witch and Wizard – https://bookpush.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/witch-and-wizard-james-patterson/ )

Sorry for the late posts !!


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