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The Compound

Synopsis – A billionaire father saves his family from Nuclear war by getting them safety in a compound underground. But not all is as it seems…

Criticism – This book was good. Not what I expected at all! The story was NOT what I thought it was going to be. I was suprised plesantly. It is a slow start (you think). You think to yourself why the heck is this all important until the end and everything comes together and your really quite happy with it. It’s not the greatest book ever but it is an easy read. It is a great filler in between other books. While your waiting for Mockingjay to come out. I give it <3<3< (1/2) But I recommend it ^_^


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Ok so It’s been a WHILE!! SORRY! But i have read 3 books so here is 2 of them.

Lunatic – So as you read before these were originally a 4 book series. The first four end well but if you are like me you will have to read the other 2. I just can’t leave it at the 4th knowing more has gone down. The 5th book Lunatic is… well… lacking. It isn’t as good as the first four. The 3 chosen ones are back in their reality but Middle is now controlled by the Horde. Enter a weird half Shitaki half Horde and your confused.. The good part that gets you through is Darsal’s story. Joniss’ story is annoying. It’s an easy read but not the greatest ❤

Elyon – Ok so this book is better than the 5th. The story continues because the 5th is a to be continued. There is more action and holds your attention a LOT more because you are led to beleive that this is the end. Your going to find out what the heck is going on.. Well! YOU DON’T.. The book is better than the 5th but the ending of the series sucked.. I won’t tell you just in case you want to read it but you will disappointed. I think it is because Dekker wants you to read the other series that goes along with it which I suspect sums it up nicely for you. ❤

Anyway sorry for taking so long I am going to post one more and I am reading another now. I will continue this.

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